With six catering trucks and 9 employees all committed to carving the best tri-tip, pouring the best wine, and grilling the best steak, Paisan’s is the local hot spot for delivery service, large scale event catering, or simply serving a breakfast or lunch sandwich to their growing number of drop-in customers. Signature sandwiches, each named after a family member who has loved and served them for years, adorn the menu. Mama’s Chicken Caesar and Papa Zena’s offer Italian cheese, spices, and tasty ingredients for the sandwich lover. Try Angelo’s Hot Italian Meatball, Evelyn’s Grilled Eggplant, or Valentino’s Italian Roast Beef Sandwich. Fresh soups and homemade salads compliment all orders. They serve all beverages, hot or cold. Baked goods, Nonie Fran’s Homemade Biscotti, and specialty coffee drinks are integral parts of Paisan’s menu.