Celebrating Life's Milestones
West 2nd

What is your maximum seating capacity?
Our ideal maximum seated reception size would be 100-125, depending upon seating arrangements. With theatre style seating we can host up to 150 guests.

Do you offer catering?
Currently we have an open catering policy.  You are welcome to bring in your own food or you can use a caterer of your choice. If you need assistance, we can refer you to several caterers that work with our venue regularly.

Can I provide my own alcohol?
Yes, you can provide your own alcohol, but you must utilize a certified and insured bartender to serve the drinks. Our staff can assist you with information on our approved bartending company. Many caterers have a liquor license allowing them to serve alcohol as part of their package and we are happy to accommodate this option. All approved bartending or catering companies serving alcohol must provide proof of insurance including liquor liability coverage.

Are tables and chairs included in my rental?
Yes, tables and chairs are available to you at no additional charge. Linens in your choice of color are also included with your rental.

Can I rent additional décor and equipment from West 2nd?
No, but rented chairs, tables, fountains, or other equipment are welcome from an outside source. See our Resources page for companies we recommend!

What is the square footage of the event space?
Our Large Event Center is 1,993 square feet. Our Small Event Center is 910 square feet. Our Chapel is 497 square feet and seats up to 75 guests.